This is the Makerere University's main public facing website that is managed and maintained by the University's Public Relations Office. Pages within this website will have addresses that look like this:,, or or subdomains e.g or

There are some important points to clarify that will explain why, as you browse through more of the site, its appearance and navigation are not consistent:

Makerere is a collegiate University and has a number Colleges, schools, departments, centres etc.  Each is independent and self-governing.  Each runs and maintains its own website, each website will look different.

Pages that are primarily about University administration are managed by Public Relations Office.

The addresses will look like this: or

In total there are more than one hundred and fifty sites that together make up the University's overall web presence.  This means that there will be neither visual nor organisational consistency but that there will be individuality, independence and ingenuity in abundance, characteristics that the Makerere University is renowned for and has always encouraged.


The central site has been designed to conform to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) guidelines. For more information please see the Accessibility Statement for this site. A separate document details the University's Accessibility Standard for Websites. 

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The University uses a number of different search applications provided for by the core of each website.

This central site uses Google Maps.

Contacting a webmaster

If you have any comments or suggestions about any of the University's websites, please use the contact/enquiries link at the bottom of most webpages. This will send a mail to the relevant webmaster of that site, please note there are many webmasters in the University, make sure that you click the link on the site that you have the query about.

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