St.Mary’s National Major Seminary Ggaba, henceforth to be referred to as National Seminary Ggaba, hasbeen an Affiliated Institution of Makerere University since 1989, offering a Bachelor of Divinity of Makerere University to qualifying candidates. In 1997, however, a Bachelor of Arts in Social and Philosophical Studies of Makerere University was approved for Katigondo National Major Seminary and Alokolum National Seminary which have since been affiliated to Makerere University. This has necessitated a reworking of the programmes in National Seminary Ggaba, which receives its candidates that will already have done the Bachelor of Arts from Katigondo and Alokolum that will already have done the Bachelor of Arts.

Master of Arts in Religious and Theological Studies

The M.A (Religious and Theological Studies) programme is based on the felt need for the development of research capability of students who study Theology and Religious Studies in Uganda. Religion touches matters of ultimate concern in our daily lives and our future. The Ugandan society, however, is experiencing certain changes in education, social development and communication. The Pastor will therefore have to play a relevant role in such a society. He will also need skills of research and ecumenism so as to offer a way out of some situations of division, poverty and ignorance.

Furthermore not all the finalists of National Seminary Ggaba look after rural Parishes. Some are called upon to teach in institutions of higher learning or to occupy administrative posts. The MA in Religious and Theological Studies programme aims, therefore, at offering advanced training for those who will be called to teach and administer schools and other institutions. This should contribute to improving the country’s human resource base in education and development.

The principle is that students should be given more and not less. An MA would offer more than the Bachelor of Divinity degree formerly offered.

Objectives of the Programme

The general objective is to train competent human resource in religion and administration to manage the challenges of a fast changing society.

The programmes are also intended to enable the student acquire the skills of research which should make him inclined to approach his work and mission in a methodological way.