Katigondo National Major Seminary is affiliated to the Department of Philosophy in the Faculty of Arts, Makerere University

Undergraduate Programme/s

Bachelor of Arts in Social and Philosophical Studies


This programme has been offered at Katigondo National Major Seminary since 1998/99 academic year. Katigondo National Major Seminary primarily trains future priests but it is also evident that many seminarians do not become priests.

The BA Social and Philosophical Studies is intended to benefit not only future priests but also those who do not get ordained but serve society in many other ways.

The programme is extensive enough to equip the graduates with sufficient academic training and especially those skills for effective Leadership. It also prepares the graduates to serve competently in schools either as Chaplains and / or as teachers.


The BA Social and Philosophical Studies programme aims at achieving the following General Objectives:

  • To stimulate students to think, speak and write methodically, critically, clearly and precisely.
  • To develop their Natural Philosophy.
  • To enable them to be good communicators.
  • To develop skills and the art of management.
  • To enhance the appreciation of various Religions and Values.

Admission Requirements

Direct Entry

  • A candidate should possess at least an “O” level Certificate or its equivalent.
  • Two Advanced level principal passes in Arts or Sciences.

Diploma Entry

  • Diploma Applicants should posses at least a Second Class Diploma in any discipline.

Mature Age Entry

  • Applicants must pass the mature age examinations.


  • This programme will offer students knowledge of:
  • The origin and destiny of humanity.
  • A deep understanding of themselves and others.
  • Basic forms of special organisation.
  • Forms of political organisations.
  • Norms and Values of Various ethical systems.
  • Historical and contemporary factors influencing African thinking.


  • The student will be able to:
  • Relate with others guided with ethical and psychological skills.
  • Develop a critical and balanced mind.
  • Run and operate basic computer programmes.
  • Effective in oral and written communication.
  • Plan and conduct Religious Service effectively.
  • Relate and have dialogue with people of various Religious persuasions.
  • Counsel effectively some different categories of people: students, street children, married couples, drug addicts, etc.


At the end of the programme the student should have developed:

  • A positive and balanced attitude to all types of people.
  • A spirit of commitment to the service of others.
  • A mature balanced personality

Programme Structure

The duration of the Course shall extend over three academic years leading to the award of the Degree of Bachelor of Arts. A student shall take all the first year core courses from Philosophy, Humanities and Religious disciplines. In the 2nd year he/she will take 3 core courses and 6 electives per Semester while in the 3rd year he/she will take 3 core and 6 electives in the first semester and 4 core courses and 5 electives in the Second Semester. Courses for 2nd and 3rd year shall be selected from Philosophy, Humanities and Religious studies respectively.