As the oldest and premier public university in Uganda, Makerere University partners with the Government of Uganda, mainly through the line Ministries and other autonomous/semi-autonomous agencies. Makerere is the leading trainer of Human Resources for the Government of Uganda as evidenced by the large number of her Alumni, serving in the Judiciary, Legislature and Cabinet arms of government.

Additionally, as a result of some of these partnerships, Makerere University is home to a number of unique centres of national interest such as; The The Food Technology and Business Incubation center (FTBIC)-CAES, Centre for Research in Energy and Energy Conservation (CREEC)-CEDAT, Centre for Tobacco Control in Africa (CTCA)-CHS, Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC)-CoCIS, Petroleum Exploration And Production Technology Laboratory-CoNAS, Proposed National Nuclear Science And Energy Centre-CoNAS, Central Diagnostic Laboratory (CDL)-CoVAB, and many more.

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Judiciary of the Republic of Uganda


Parliament of the Republic of Uganda