Makerere University Hospital comprises various units which render different services to the University Community. It offers both curative and preventive services. The dental unit offers extraction, scaling, polishing and filling-in services for the teeth. There is also a new and modern X-ray unit which deals with all X-ray diagnosis. The Laboratory concerns itself with examining samples of blood, stool and Urine. The maternal Child-health and Family Planning Clinic deals with the immunization of children and students, dispenses vaccines and contraceptives. There is also a small dispensary which dispenses all essential drugs for treatment of any ailments.

The University Hospital runs a 24 hours service with a standby ambulance service in case of emergencies. The Hospital has a 22 bed in-patient ward and admissions to the ward are exclusively for students only. However, the Hospital Administration is trying in every way possible to improve on the services and aspects of the Hospital so as to provide wider and better services to the University Community.

It is mandatory for every student to register and undergo a complete medical examination at University Hospital.

Telephone Contact: +256 – 41 542922