The Graduate Training and Research Laboratory, Makerere University Agricultural Research Institute Kabanyolo (MUARIK), Wakiso Uganda

Makerere University Agricultural Research Institute Kabanyolo (MUARIK) was established as a farm in 1953, and upgraded to a fully-fledged Research Institute in 1992 under the then Faculty of Agriculture. It currently falls under the School of Agricultural Sciences, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES), Makerere University.

MUARIK is Makerere University's interface with the National Agricultural Research System (NARS). It houses the Continuing Agricultural Education Center (CAEC), conceived in 1993 as a project with joint funding from The World Bank and Government of Uganda under the Agricultural Research and Training Project (ARTP) through the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO).

MUARIK also hosts

  • A Biotechnology Lab renowned globally for undertaking continental plant breeding programmes
  • The Makerere University Regional Centre for Crop Improvement (MaRCCI) focused on an African continent free from hunger and malnutrition through the provision of improved varieties of food crops in Africa
  • The Graduate Training and Research Laboratory, with state-of-the-art facilities aimed at enhancing the quality of analysis of practical field work for graduate students
  • The Modern  Poultry Unit (KOICA) comprising three (3) sub-units with a capacity of five thousand (5000) birds each, a brooder house, a drying shed for dehydrating chicken manure and a microbial facility to grow micro organisms to be used in the fermentation of chicken manure
  • The Coffee Value Addition Centre (CURAD) focused on agri-business incubation to create employment opportunities for students.
  • The Dairy Value Chain Unit and the Feed Mill
  • Undergraduate student hostel and facilities for over 30 graduate students

MUARIK is located 21 Km North of Kampala along the Gayaza-Zirobwe road.


Makerere University Agricultural Research Institute, Kabanyolo
P.O. Box 7062, Kampala, Uganda
Director: +256 776 993827 | Farm Manager: +256 774 175510