Mr. Frank Kalimuzo, Vice Chancellor (1st July, 1970 - 4th October, 1972)Mr. Frank Kalimuzo, Vice Chancellor (1st July, 1970 - 4th October, 1972)

Mr. Frank Kalimuzo was the first Vice Chancellor of the newly formed Makerere University, appointed on 1st July 1970 by then President H.E. Apollo Milton Obote. He holds an Overseas Course B from the Wadham College in Oxford, UK (1956), an Honours Degree (Economics Major) from the University College of Aberystwyth in Wales (1955) and a BA in Education of Makerere University (1946)

In his brief tenure, Commerce, Forestry, Law and Technology disciplines were added to those on offer. Veterinary Medicine, which was being offered at Nairobi University, was introduced at Makerere University while Music, Dance and Drama became diploma subjects. The Main Library and Albert Cook Medical Library were extended in 1972.

Born on 24th September 1925, Mr. Kalimuzo was picked up by security personnel in 1972 and was never seen alive again.


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