Access to higher education for all Ugandans.


To provide student loans to eligible citizens of Uganda to enable them access higher education at affordable rates and increase equitable access to higher education in the country.

Our Core Values

In pursuing these objectives, The Higher Education Students Financing Board will abide by the following core values:

  • Fairness
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Courteous
  • Innovativeness


The introduction of the Higher Education Students Financing Board will serve the following objectives;

  1. To increase equitable access to technical and higher educa-tion in Uganda;
  2. To support highly qualified Ugandan students who may not afford higher education;
  3. To ensure regional balance in higher education services in Uganda;
  4. To develop and support courses critical to national develop-ment and to ensure quality education in public institutions through quality assurance and supervision.
  5. To ensure sustainable revolving loans fund