The Office of the Director of Planning and Development Department Makerere University is responsible for planning for the University.To coordinate planning in the University and offer support to strategic and operational decision making in the University through collection, analysis and interpretation of institutional and externally sourced data.


Dr. Nakayiwa Florence is the Director, Planning & Development Department of Makerere University. She holds a Doctorate of Business Administration from the University of Bath, United Kingdom and a Master’s degree in Economic Policy Management from Makerere University, She has worked for Makerere University in different capacities since 1993. Florence has been the link between Makerere University and the technical arm of the Ministries of Finance Planning and Economic Development and the Ministry of Education and Sport. She represents the University on the Education Sector Budget Working Group.

She has demonstrated capacity to coordinate donor programmes. The was an institutional programme supported by both the World Bank and the Rockefeller Foundation.   The programme brought together, Makerere University Staff, Government Ministries and local governments as well as staff from five other Universities in Uganda. Experience gained on this project serves as a key learning point to bring together, internal and external stakeholders which are fundamental to the position of Director, Planning and Development Department.

Her portfolio involved generation of information and data to facilitate strategic planning for enrolment, human resource and cost analysis.  These are key aspects of organisational development as the university rebrands and charts a new direction focusing on learner centred pedagogy and a shift towards increased research orientation.

Florence has served on a number of university committees, notable of these are the development of the University Strategic Planning Committees and the Organization of 2004 and 2006 stakeholders consultative meetings. She is a member of the Change Management Committee, charged with championing reforms in the University.  At the international level, she is a member of the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) and an associate of the Higher Education Research and Advocacy Network in Africa (HERANA),  championed by the Centre for Higher Education Transformation based in South Africa.

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Office of the Director, Planning & Development
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