The Academic Registrar is the chief coordinator of all matters pertaining to the academic organisation of the University: examinations, research, postgraduate studies, syllabuses and is always the Secretary to Senate and its committees. The Academic Registrar oversees admissions & records, examinations as well as staff development and ceremonies.

The Dean of Students coordinates the activities of student accommodation and is responsible for the affairs and discipline of students in the University. Apart from the Halls of Residence, each of which is governed by a Warden, other sections overseen by the Dean's office include sports and recreation, chapels and mosques, students’ guild and the counselling centre.

Office of the Director Human Resources

The Director oversees the Directorate of Human Resources and initiates, develops and implements Human Resource systems and processes in line with the Human Resources policy and consistent with the University Strategic plan. The Director also develops the Annual Development Budget and monitors the Utilisation of The Directorate resources in line with the financial regulations.

The Directorate of Human Resources consists of divisions namely;

The Office of the Director of Planning and Development Department Makerere University is responsible for planning for the University.To coordinate planning in the University and offer support to strategic and operational decision making in the University through collection, analysis and interpretation of institutional and externally sourced data.

The Counselling and Guidance Centre is here to help you address personal or emotional challenges that may affect you while studying or working in Makerere University. The Counselling and Guidance Centre works closely with all university units to enable students realize their academic and personal potential and to assist staff in addressing psychological issues that may affect them in living worthy and productive lives.

Finance department is strategically located in the Main Administration Block, Makerere University. Its headed by the Director of Finance/University Bursar. It has eight sections i.e. Halls/Student welfare, Grants/Sponsered Projects, Income Generating Unit, Salaries and Wages, Accounts, Expenditure and Payables, Reporting and Accountability; and Budget Monitoring.

Internal Audit authority and mandate is derived from Makerere University Council. Its functions, activities and operations are defined in an audit charter. The University Council by policy establishes and supports Internal Audit as an independent appraisal function to examine and evaluate University activities/operations as a service to management and Council of Makerere University.

Audit reporting

The Director Internal Audit reports functionally to the Audit Committee of Council and administratively to the Vice-Chancellor.

The aim of Quality Assurance Directorate is to enhance the effectiveness of the University’s core activities. The Directorate safeguards and helps improve the teaching and research standards and quality of services at Makerere University.

Makerere University Health Services (MakHS) refers to services offered by Makerere University Hospital, the Dental School and Satellite clinics at Kabanyolo and Jinja campuses. Makerere University Hospital has been in existence since 1978 and has served not only as a center for providing healthcare services but also as a center for training, research.