Mary Stuart Hall Rehabilitation by NEC Commences

The proposed rehabilitation of Mary Stuart Hall worth UGX10.5billion commenced on Friday 31st May 2024 with Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe handing over the site to NEC represented by Lt. Gen. James Mugira.

Uganda Launches AI Health Lab at Makerere

The Government of Uganda, in collaboration with Makerere University on 30th May 2024 inaugurated the Artificial Intelligence Health Lab aimed at revolutionizing healthcare delivery.

Makerere signs MoU with Leading Universities to Promote Research

Makerere University has signed an MoU with the University of Addis Ababa (AAU), the University of Rwanda (UR), Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (UEM), the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) and Jönköping University, Sweden.

Activists Urge Govt. to Integrate Gender Mainstreaming in Public Policy Making

Activists at a policy dialogue on 21st May 2024 called on the government to incorporate gender considerations in public policy making to achieve economic transformation and social sustainability.

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Boosting Cognitive Development Through Early Childhood Nutrition Education

In an ambitious move to enhance early childhood development, researchers from Makerere…

CAES Annual Report 2023

With utmost delight, I am honoured to present the Annual Report of the College of Agricultural…

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20 Jun

PhD Defence: Zaina Nakabuye

The Conference Room, Level 2, Block B, College of Business and Management Sciences (CoBAMS), Makerere University.

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