The university’s catering services are available through six Food Courts operating in the Kitchen and Dinning Hall of:

  1. Africa Hall,
  2. Nkrumah/Nsibirwa Halls,
  3. University Hall,
  4. Mary Stuart Hall,
  5. Galloway House
  6. Kabanyolo Hostel.

The Service Providers operating in these Food Courts serve meals to students and other members of the University community on either cash basis or as agreed between the Service Provider and the clientele. All students may access meals at the food Courts, irrespective of admission category.


Plans are underway to pay allowances directly to Government- Sponsored students. In order to facilitate fast processing of allowances, students should register with their Hall of Attachment as soon a they arrive at Campus. All Government sponsored students are advised to bring with them some money to help them access meals as the University processes allowances.

All resident students are advised to pay for meals at the Food Courts nearest to their Hall of Residence, because the University Students Regulations prohibit cooking in Halls of Residence