Makerere University is home to a fully fledged Police Station with officers of the Uganda Police Force who regularly patrol the campus. The Police Officers work closely with Campus Security personnel to maintain law and order as well as man security checks at the campus and building entrances.

Observing security at Makerere University

Safety Tips for members of the Makerere University community.

  • Report criminal cases to police, cope with the police officers incase of any information required of you. Be suspicious about people around you including fellow students. Ladies are warned of nail cutters/painters. There are many people claiming to be campusers when they are conmen.
  • Avoid fortune tellers in get rich quick superstition of solving academic cleansing issues like admissions, registration, examination and graduation. There are conmen exploiting your ignorance to get money.
  • Avoid keeping lumpsum money in your bags, in your residences including portable valuables like laptops where you are not sure of the security.
  • Avoid strangers in your residences, they could survey and steal your valuables yet harbouring criminals is unlawful.
  • For those who go for late shows, avoid moving alone in dark places, using boda-bodas and taxis with 2-3 people.
  • Mind where you leave your motor vehicle with valuables especially laptops.
  • Desist from unlawful activities like participating in and mobilizing strikes, demonstrations, riots because you could easily end in police cells, prisons or be dismissed.
  • Avoid any criminal acts for the sake of being a good citizen and your valuable education.
  • Otherwise, be police first before a policeman comes in to help you. United we stand, the greater and safe Makerere University is

The Office

The Chief Security Officer, who reports to the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Finance and Administration), is the overall in-charge of Campus security. He is assisted by the OC Station Makerere University Police as well as other Deputies.

Contact Information

The Chief Security Officer – Makerere University: ACP Musani Michael Sabila
Tel: +256 414 531344
Mob: +256 772 821518

OC Station - Makerere University Police: ASP Mathew Abitegeka
Tel: +256 414 531200
Mob: +256 779 31421