About the University’s Halls / Hostels of Residence

There are nine Halls of Residence available to undergraduate students on the Main Campus. Six of these are for male students (Lumumba, Livingstone, Mitchell, Nkurumah, Nsibirwa, and University Hall); while three are for female students (Africa, Complex, and Mary Stuart).

Each admitted student to the University is attached to a Hall of Residence as part of the identity of that student; and NEVER AUTOMATICALLY for accommodation purposes. The nine halls of residence accommodate a total of 4,400 students (10% of undergraduate student population) offering all types of programmes from all years of programmes from all years of study in line with current University policies and practices.

For first years, a number of accommodation slots (to be communicated) are availed for both government (from selected degree programmes and for students with disabilities); and for private-sponsored students who will have applied and obtained authorization to become residents from Dean of Students. Bed space in University’s Halls of residence is limited so it is never automatic that Government Sponsored or indeed any student shall be resident, until this has been confirmed with both offices of the Dean of Students and the Warden.

Students admitted through the Diploma and Mature Age Entry schemes are not eligible for accommodation in the University’s Halls of Residence. An exception to this provision is made for 5th year medical students who wish to reside in Galloway Hostel. Similarly, Students admitted to the External or Distance Degree programmes are also not eligible for full time accommodation in the university’s Halls of Residence, except during face-to-face sessions. 

Galloway Hostel at Mulago accommodates continuing undergraduate students from the College of Health Sciences; while Kabanyolo Hostel accommodates continuing students from College of Agricultural Environmental Sciences. Non-resident Government sponsored students will be paid Living-Out Allowance (LOA) while Non- resident private students should be catered for by their sponsors.

Students who do not get accommodation on campus may report to the Office of the Dean of Students for allocation to University affiliated hostels for accommodation or other hostels not affiliated to University.

Dag Hammarskjold Post Graduate Hall

Dag Hammerskjold Post Graduate Hall is named after Dag Hammerskjold Hjalmar Agne Carl, the Secretary General of the United Nations from 1935 to 1961. He was born 1905 and died 1963. The hall also acts as a centre of attachment for all post graduate students of Makerere University and its affiliated institutions; MUBS, Nsamizi and Kinyamasika Seminary.

Privately-Owned Student Hostels

In addition to on-campus Halls of Residence, a number privately-owned hostels provide accommodation to students. 

The Policy on Students' Accommodation guides management on establishing administrative relations with hostel owners that house Makerere University students. The policy provides for development of privately-owned hostels accreditation unit and informs the creation of a Hostel Inspection Committee (HIC) whose members are appointed by the university Vice Chancellor and approved by Makerere University Council. The mandate of the HIC is to inspect and review all hostels accredited and affiliated to Makerere University.

Most of the hostels are located within a radius of half a kilometer from the university and have shuttles to transport students to campus on a provided schedule. Hostels are classified as either Mixed (For both Males and Females) or Female. Below is the list of hostels by with the grading of A (Excellent), B (Very Good), and C (Good) informed by the HIC's latest inspection and review.

Grade A

  • Braetd Hostel (Female)
  • JJ Hostel (Mixed)
  • Lady Juliana (Female)
  • Makerere Garden Courts (Female)
  • Nakiyingi (Mixed)
  • New Nana (Mixed)
  • Olympia Hostel (Mixed)

Grade B

  • Akwata Empola (Mixed)
  • Apex (Female)
  • Aryan (Mixed)
  • Dream World Hostel (Mixed)
  • Edith Hetty (Female)
  • Kann Hostel (Mixed)
  • Kare Hostel (Mixed)
  • Makerere International Students' Hostel (Mixed)
  • Muhika (Mixed)
  • Nalika (Mixed)
  • Pearl View (Mixed)
  • St. Monica (Mixed)
  • Sunway (Mixed)
  • Zoa Hostel (Mixed)

Grade C

  • Baskon Hostel (Mixed)
  • Bbira (Female)
  • Castle Ville (Mixed)
  • Cheds (Mixed)
  • Douglas Villa (Mixed)
  • Herican (Mixed)
  • Messiah (Mixed)
  • Prince (Mixed)
  • Waveney Courts (Mixed)

For further Information & Inquiries

Dean of Students
Address: Senate Building, Room 208
Telephone: +256(414) 456-78 90

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