The University is always seeking to increase its investment in research, recognising that pertinent and applicable research is critical to the development needs of the country.

Research funds come from a variety of sources.

Sources of research funding include:

  • The Government of Uganda

Makerere University in the Financial Year 2019/2020 received special funding worth UGX 30 billion (equivalent to US$ 8,100,000) from the Government of Uganda under the Research and Innovations Fund (RIF); to support high impact Research and Innovations. This unique initiative was a climax of strategic meetings and continuous engagements involving Makerere University Management and the Government of Uganda.

  • The University contributes 1% of its income through internally generated funds from the faculties
  • Contributions from graduate and undergraduate students
  • Bilateral funds from development partners such as Sida/SAREC of Sweden, Carnegie Corporation of New York, NORAD from Norway, e.t.c.

Eligibility and Application

For more on eligibility and application procedures, please visit the Directorate of Research and Graduate Training (DRGT) website